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Level 1 Seller in just 70 days with 600+ earning!


Hi, I’m a seller from Bangladesh.
I was always skeptic about freenlancing as to how it’s too hard a path to walk. But since I got into fiverr on January 5th, I kept receiving regular orders (mostly from buyer requests) and used it as a good sourse of secondary income. And fortunately enough, I was rewarded the Level 1 badge yesterday! just after the evaluation period of March 15th. Within this period, after deducting fiverr fees, i was able to earn more than $600.

  • All I had to do was be communicative and available through the app. I had two returning clients too :slight_smile:
    Being helpful and cooperative towards clients doesn’t cost much time, But it’s better investment than advertisements. It attracts people and lands more orders.
  • Be honest and open about what you can and cannot. Under Promise and Over Deliver. Know when to say no.
  • If possible, Try and add small Extras for free with your orders. Don’t just complete it and throw it for submission. Take just a few minutes to add whatever you can that wasn’t in the original order. (In one case, I was given a healthy tip from a happy client, and she ordered more)

Thanks to fiverr for such great opportunity. :slight_smile:
Here’s my profile link:


Level 1 Seller badge received
Congratulations to you


good information. Thanks for helping to improve the other sellers


Congratulations, hope to share same good news. Promoting gigs are very important. Thanks for sharing.


It’s really good. But can you mention anything for gig ranking. And congrats to you.


Congratulations for your promotion.


Congrats :+1:… Well deserved


Congratulations…good job!


Good luck …:+1: keep it…


Amazing! Great tips too, thanks for sharing this. And congratulations!!


wow congrats. happy freelancing…


Congratulations to you.


That was great news !
Congratulations and good luck with your freelancing career :+1:


congrats :slight_smile: