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Level 1 Seller in My First 2 Months (A Tip for New Seller)

Yes, I have joined the fiverr back in january 2018, i was in my last semester of software engineering then. i did nothing except searching and exploring fiverr forum and noticed a lot of experts. This made me realize that i know nothing of my field so i thought let just create a very simple and honest android development gig that i am a fresher. i started to explore the android related gig again and come up with my own content as well. After one week i have observed no views, no clicks etc. and just stoped using the account (i did lots of bidding). After 4 to 5 days, out of no idea i received a message, i logged into the account and theres my first client waiting for me to place the order. Not only this guy placed the first order but he helped me in acheiving level 1 seller badge with all 5 start ratings. The only thing he did mention about the gig is my honesty of saying that i am not a top-notch developer.

So, now i have completed my graduation and recently created a gig regarding programming and tech. I do invite all of you to visit my profile once and provide feedback as well.

Tip : Don’t be in too much hurry for getting orders just give sometime to your gig, to your skill, to your clients and fiverr. today i personally know top rated sellers and they will tell you the same. Just give everyting sometime. One day, will be your day. To be honest i have been working on my current gig for last 4 days :slightly_smiling_face:

Pardon me for my english as its not my native language. I wish you all a very best of luck.


Great Share. Congratulation and best of luck for you upcoming days at fiverr.

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Thank you very much for the appreciation and same goes for you. I am expecting that you have vistied the url as well and please do suggest anything that might be missing from the gig. I will be creating more gigs in upcoming days so your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Great Share. Congratulation

Thanks wish you a best of luck :slight_smile:

It’ll be helpful for me. THANKS SO MUCH