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Level 1 Seller! Level 2 Next Month!


today I want to share with you my experience. I started working on Fiverr 1.5 months ago and now I am Level 1 Seller and I expect to become Level 2 Seller next month!

How did I reach this goal? Here a few tips for you:

  1. Do analysis on your competitors: before creating a new Gig, do a simple analysis. Check prices, descriptions of top-sellers and copy/modify their strategies. Decide between innovation and cheapness!
  2. Be kind with customers: revisions? Don’t care, try to help your client making all the adjustments s/he required. If you cannot do some adjustment, be kind and explain why you could not.
  3. Tell clients to rate the experience: it is fundamental that your clients rate the experience with you. My strategy was to put a tutorial in a pdf file and attach it during delivery.

I hope you enjoyed it, you can find me here: for more clarifications, strategies or advices.

Good luck!

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