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Level 1 seller , orders stopped

Last One month I haven’t any order only i get 2-3 message from client.I don’t know why.Please give me some suggestion how way i get order and message.

Hi @rahmanarif,

Try not to let this get you down too much. Have you edited your gig titles and gig descriptions? Are you submitting all 10 of your allotted Buyer Request bids every day? Have you made sure your keywords, etc. are optimized?

Try using this downtime to find ways to improve your offerings.

Reply to @david388:

Hello david388,

Yea I have edited your gig descriptions.I am so sorry for that


Reply to @rahmanarif: I’m not sure what you’re saying here, but my point was that your Gig descriptions seemed (and still do, from what I am seeing right now) to have awkward sentence construction and grammar. If you are advertising yourself as English-speaking and hoping to target a native English-speaking audience, you should be careful to make sure that your writing sounds natural. Otherwise, potential Buyers may be reluctant to work with you, since your services advertise webpage-related offerings.

david388 is right. You are at a disadvantage when you don’t communicate very well in English. You can still make it work, it will just take alot of work and patience on you and your client’s part. I would suggest doing simple tasks that you do better than anyone else. Don’t build an entire website. Just do a small part. Find a part that people need help with that you do really well. There also maybe people in your native language that could really use your services. You could be missing out by not cornering that market! Good luck. The sales do ebb and flow. Repeat customers is the key.