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Level 1 Seller ! Yipee

Hi everyone :slight_smile: This is my first post here and today, it was kind a super day on Fiverr : i just got my Level 1 Seller and i could dance for it all day long aha.

I had an issue when i went on holidays : i forgot to put my account on vacation mode, and i didn’t see that i received an order… of course i had a negative review. When i came back i was a bit discouraged to see that and since then, i worked hard to go back to my good rating.

So now that everything payed off, I’m very motivated to get the Level 2, so let’s go to work!


Congratulations. This is good site which is giving many opportunities for people from all over the world who can work through internet to make some money.

Thank you :smiley: yes it is !

Congratulations. I read your great news!

Thank you :smiley: