Level 1 Seller?


Hey everyone!

So I joined Fiverr a month ago today and so far my experience has been great. I’ve been very excited to hit the level 1 seller status…though I haven’t gotten it yet. I have gotten nothing by 5 stars on all my orders, have made almost 50 sales, and today is day 30 on the site. Maybe I’m just being impatient and I need to wait a little longer to get it? I’m not sure but I thought I’d check with the community to see if there might be a bug somewhere. I did put vacation mode on for a couple of days so maybe that did something?

The main reason I’m getting impatient is due to the fact that one of my buyers has made half their purchase and is waiting for me to rank up so that they don’t have to go through the announce of buying a large number of $5 gigs to meet their payment requirement.

Thanks everyone!


Hi there!

It looks like you have about 77 sales, which makes you eligible for Level 2.

If you wait until tomorrow, you should be Level 1/2. If not, contact support at support.fiverr.com (click “Submit a Request” in the top left)

Congratulations on the reputation you have established on Fiverr!




Congratulations! Like giancarlorosa said, just wait until tomorrow and you’ll get the level 1 status.


Thank you for the replies :slight_smile: I’ll keep waiting!


Looks like you may skip L1 and go direct to L2 :slight_smile:

Well done and congrats. I’ve had a good start too. I joined 7 months ago, but didn’t any gigs up till 3 weeks ago or so. And now I’m L1 wohoo.


Reply to @giancarlorosa: Its not possible to skip levels. Regardless of how many sales are made in your first thirty days, you could make a million sales. Level progression is based on more than sales. Level 1 is for ten sales, excellent ratings and 1 month active. Level 2 is for 50 sales, excellent ratings and two months active. So regardless of sales amount, if you haven’t been active for 2 months then you are not eligible for level 2. Just a little FYI.

@wgcproductions, I believe the system may take a full 31 days in their month. I got my level 1 badge the morning of my 31st day. I’m confident you will wake up to a pleasant surprise tomorrow morning. Congrats and may you have continued success :slight_smile:


ohhh wow. i also wanna be a great seller like you :slight_smile: