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Level 1 Seller!

I just made Level 1 seller and I wasn’t expecting it so soon! It hasn’t been a month since I posted my first Gig, but I have been a member since April. I know a lot of new sellers post about how hard it is to start getting sells, but just hang in there and it will happen! I have made 13 sells in less than three weeks of selling. Almost half of those came from me putting offers in on Buyers Requests, so utilize that feature if you aren’t already! Always put your best work forward and have good customer service skills and you will start to get repeat business and good reviews. I look forward to my future on Fiverr … happy dance!

I have been her only 17 days and I hope to reach level 1 by the end of July…fingers crossed. Thank you all for sharing your suggestions and tips for success.

Good luck for your future sales… =D>

I put more than 60 offers in buyer requests but i didn’t get any sales from them…
Please could you give me a suggestion?
Thank you…

Congratulations :slight_smile: Make sure to utilize the added extras you unlocked when you leveled up!


I just made to Level 1 too and I’ve been one month working on Fiverr. I only found two offers for me in the buyers requests, because I work in Spanish, but I got both!

Congratulations on your success!

Good Luck!

It gives me joy to see people succeed. Just started my first gig. Looking forward to reaching Level 1 :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I am loving being a part of the Fiverr community!!



Congrats :)>-

Wow! this is quite inspiring mate, I’ll employ your tips and hopes to succeed with it.
Thanks for sharing

I remember how excited I was when I reached Level 1 (well, I didn’t even understand the whole level thing until after reaching Level 2, lol)!

Congratulations! I hope level 2 is close.


All the best friend (*)

Congratulations :-j

Hello Congrats for your Success !! Hope you will get level-2 soon :slight_smile:

Hey Congrats, keep it up
serve with great services


congrats…I’m new here…barely a week. I hope to be like you within a month. Tips anybody??


Nice gigs themommyvortex! Wish you to get to Level 2 soon :slight_smile: