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Level 1 to new seller

Hello everyone !
Today I got 1 TOS violation on my Fivver account.
Will this effect my Level on next evaluation.I mean to say will this degrade my account from Level 1 to new seller again on the Evaluation day ?
Thank you


yes, you will get demoted.
You need to meet all the green requirement for you to get promoted again.
BTW, what is the TOS about ?

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My TOS is about changing a review

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Well, I read the review and it seams he targeted you for bad review. It looks no matter what you did his goal was to give you bad review.

You can’t change it but at least you have good reply.

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Well, a bit out of topic but I always wonder how to offer 3D modelling in Solidworks.

I am CSWP as well but can not afford Solidworks which cost thousands of $ a year.

Is there any trick or free version that I could possibly use commercially?

Thanks for advise.

there is always a cracked version on youtube/online haha. I’m not a Solidworks ppl, so I’m not sure about solidwork. Do it at your own risk haha

Yes ,there is cracked version on internet but I am using the Student Licensed version.

I see.

But Solidworks Student Edition is not allowed to be used commercially, is it?

yes, I think most of the 3D software student licensed dont allow commercial used, but will need to double check