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Level 1! Whooo Hooo! Thank YOU Fiverr!


Yup, hit another milestone today. I woke up this morning to a kind review #10 and noticed a nice little badge next to my profile pic.

There is it, lovely level 1!

Shortly after, I received an inquiry about one of my gigs. Next thing I know, a custom order was placed. I’m now working on the biggest gig I have ever done on Fiverr! All but one of my gigs sold here have been custom orders so far.

Two months in and I’m so thankful I didn’t just quite at the start. Slow and steady, play by the rules and magic is starting to happen. Time to start planning my next 3 gigs to add.


A huge AND…

Thank you Fiverr Forum for being here and so supportive! I thank the hours of reading through these forums in what kept me engaged in sticking with. Also, my sincere gratitude to the people here who are so amazingly encouraging.


What an incredible achievement.

Remember the golden rules!
If you work hard you will succeed!

Cheers to the Level Two badge :slight_smile:


Awesome sauce! :tada: