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Level 1

I lost my level 1 status, how do I know how many more sells I need to gain it back?

one of my buyer wanted to send the money via paypal directly and i said ok thinking it was ok, but at the time I had no idea it was against the fiverr law, and thus lost my level 1, but after that I made sure the deal went via fiverr. Soooo yer!!! I want to know how many more sells I need to make to reach level 1 again…?

I also lost my level 1 due to same reason when I completed 15 Gigs 2 months ago. Now I’ve completed 85 but still I’ve got it back. CS says wait.

I’m waiting.

Do also never share any contact information like Skype, Phone, Email etc.

I do get asked a lot, but I always politely decline.

Please keep this always in mind:-)

I hope I could help a little, and I hope you get your level back soon. Just have some patience:-)


@vedarth22 who is CS??

@mmsolutionsltd you can share skype details as I have seen gigs where they give lessons over skype etc. but you cannot make any transactions outside fiverr, this is what i believe anyway but I really want my level 1 status back :_(