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Level 1


Hello everyone!

I have gotten over 10 pieces of positive feedback, my rating level is at 100%…does anyone know if I have to do anything to be made a Level 1 Seller?




Yep there it is, 30 days, I think i will have another 14 or so to go.


ah bangin, I cant wait, even if it is longer than that, I am doing modestly ok @ 1 gig or so per day, assumedly if I keep doing a great job,marketing where I can, being able to increase the pricepoint and value of my gigs I will make a lot more dollar!


As long as you keep your rating as high as possible, make a concious effort to be good to your customers and work on the site for long enough, you’ll shoot up levels like no other :smiley: Nothing to worry about! As for Level 2, I think that’s after two months? heh~


Yes I want to be a Level 2 person!!! :slight_smile:


Reply to @ehelper888: Same here. But I need quite a few orders!