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Level 1


i had level 1 last days. but now it is haven’t?

i don’t know why that? please help me.

thank you,


Have you had a number of cancellations/negative feedback? Have you shared email addresses with people?


When in doubt, contact Customer Support


Reply to @ryangillam: no i have only 3 cancel and no negative feedback…,


Reply to @mrspanda: okey sir., thank you for advice


it’s now ok my friends…!

thanks for advice all friends…,

i love fiverr custumercare …!!!


Reply to @biggiger: SIR??!? D: D: :frowning: :frowning:


Reply to @biggiger:

Im getting eager for my lvl 1. Currently joined fiverr for 24 days and has completed 32 gigs. Hope there will be no problem.


Reply to @mrspanda: Lol…I guess if you had a “.” after “mrs” in your username, this wouldn’t have happened.


Reply to @mrspanda: don’t mind him, Mr. Spanda!! (just kidding!)


I joined fiverr for 8 days and has completed 1 gigs (rated 100%). I am ready for other works.