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Level 1


Hi everyone,

I did 11 sales on fiverr. but my level 1 badge is not activated.
What can I do for it?


Have you been on Fiverr for 30 days or more?

Are those 11 sales completed (I mean, have those orders been marked as complete)?


yes… now 2 months… bt I post a request for my personal work… is it a problem?


If you’re asking whether you’re allowed to post in the Buyer Requests section in order to find sellers to work on your project, yes, you may do that.

If you’re asking whether you’re allowed to advertise your services in the Buyer Request section, no.


No this should not be a problem. Wait for a day or 2 because it may take some time to update.

mine was updated 2 days later.


Thank You Mr. Khan