Level 1


Why dont i get in Level 1. Because i already sell 10 gigs with 4 plus rating. Also my percentage has 90% to go to the next level. Then why i dont get the level one until now ? Thank you all.


I am actually not sure at a glance and you might not have waited long enough (it can take a little time) or you might have something else I cannot see, like a high cancellation rate. I do see something a little strange about your profile and perhaps I’m missing something.

Something looks odd about the number of reviews displayed on your gigs. Viewed in one way they add up to 4 and viewed in another way they seem to add up higher. I am assuming that for some reason, some reviews were removed and if that’s true it may have meant some gigs were cancelled that kept you from attaining your 10 sales. I’m kind of guessing because that’s as much as I can see as a viewer.

You would need to ask Customer Support if you think you have 10 full sales with no cancellations and you’ve waited at least a week since you got 10. If you did have some gigs cancelled, you may need more sales to reach level 1.


Thank you for your Answer fonthaunt. Yes…i have cancelled two order because the buyer fraud tricks. Also two buyer cant give me a review.
Could you please tell me exactly what are you missing in my profile ? Or how can i recover this ? Thank you advance.


I didn’t mean missing in that sense, what I meant was that your reviews didn’t add up so it made me feel there was something wrong that I couldn’t see. The cancellations are probably your problem. It’s not a big deal, you just need more sales.

You don’t have to have reviews for every gig so that’s ok too. To qualify for level 1, though, you probably need to make up for the cancelled gigs. A high cancellation rate doesn’t help, so if you have to cancel, try to make it a mutual cancel.


What is the difference between using the resolution center cancellation and the mutual cancellation sent by buyers? Are they the same or different?


They are the same thing. What you have to be careful of is how you use them. When you initiate a mutual cancellation offer to the buyer using the resolution center, you’ve offered an easy refund to the buyer. It starts a timer on the cancellation offer. The timer amount varies and isn’t always highly accurate so you have to keep an eye on it.

If the buyer accepts before the timer runs out, a mutual cancellation has been agreed upon and has little to no affect on anyone’s account. The buyer can click decline and refuse to mutually cancel. If they do that, you’ll have to try again or contact Customer Support for a forced cancel which can count against you.

The buyer can also just ignore the mutual cancel request. If that happens, the cancellation will go through after the cancel timer runs out, but that would not be considered a mutual cancellation.