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Level 2 account And almost No Sales Over a 1.5 Month

I Become a level 2 seller on last month 15 September and I only got $200 sales from one of my previous clients and one new client. Still, after One and a Half months my gigs are not ranking and I’m not getting sales. Even when I was at Level 1 I was getting more than $800 sales in August.

In meantime, I upload new gigs as I learned new skills and also did Facebook Ad Certification from Learn from Fiverr.

Will the certification and new gigs will it improve my sales or Gig Ranking?


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

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Thanks much I’ll review it, And also if you can tell about the certification from learn from Fiverr, will it affect the account over all? Means it will give a boost?

I do not understand, you have 6 orders in queue.

Your Facebook Ads badge will not likely have any impact on Gigs´ ranking.


“As a seller, you can increase buyer trust by verifying your skills.”

The above is from here:

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Yes, there are but I’m talking about in terms of monthly sales and the ranking of gigs

I was at level 1 my sales were 10X and my gigs were ranking. As for now Idk what is the issue. I purchased the facebook course on Fiverr as maybe it will give some boost to my profile or my Facebook gig

Well, the system is designed to rotate the Gigs over time. Even best performing TRS Gigs rotate and that´s how it is.

Fiverr boost new Gigs for a certain amount of time for example. And there are a lot of new Gigs from new Sellers these days, weeks and months, believe it.

So if those new Gigs get higher ranking temporarily, where those already good settled Gigs go?

You better not count on stable and fixed monthly income from Fiverr any more. Stay rather realistic.

We have passed first few months of COVID pandemic and I still believe we are just in the beginning of the real crisis. There were about 30 Mio people infected only, the Earth is 7,4 Bn people so untill proven vaccination with minor side effects is available, there will be always a lot of uncertainty.

And lastly, Facebook course will not boost your Facebook Gig unless you transfer gained knowledge to that Gig.