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Level 2 achieved!


So yeah, I finally hit the much coveted Level 2 position today. And to think that only last week I was stressing over the drop in sales after new years. And now I have about $100 worth in orders in my que. From today. So WOOPWOOP!!! I don’t think I will get much sleep today.





Time to change out that sheep image in your profile.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thats a sheep? I thought it was a cow.

Uuurrrmmmm…how do I change it? I don’t see an edit profile button.


Reply to @smokey1871:

When logged in, there is a green EDIT link to the right of your Country Flag.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Thats weird. Cause it shows the pic of my sleeping dog which I use as my profile pic. Why isn’t it showing here on the forums?


Reply to @smokey1871:


A) Clearing your history and cache and restarting your machine.

B) Try another browser (Chrome seems best with Fiverr)

C) Try uploading the image again and repeat A or B

D) Contact Fiverr Support


Congrats! Keep up the good work!


So glad you made it to level 2 :slight_smile: Welcome to the next LEVEL of the Level’s Club!

Let me pick a song for you.

Now you’re Titanium :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: