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Level 2 badge suspended for sharing outside links

I am on fiverr for years now and from time to time I had to share some Google Drive links with my customers because the files we were working with were huge and fiver did not give us the possibility to share them directly via fiverr. In the past this did not seem to be a problem. (at least in my case)

But lately I started to have lots or orders and shared a lot of links via Google Drive, WeTransfer and Dropbox. Most of my deliveries were made via Google Drive because I have very large files from my customers (like long 4K videos). Therefore I received an email from fiverr where I was announced that my Level 2 Badge was suspended because I shared personal information with my clients.

Indeed we shared, but it was for transferring the files. If I would not use outside links to deliver, I would not be able to deliver directly via Fiverr at all. Basically I would not have the possibility to continue working.
I have 2 mb of upload only.

I messaged the Fiverr Customer Support and they told me I might get my Level 2 badge back in 30 days if I don`t violate Fiverr Terms of Service again. They also recommended me to use Dropbox.

It would not be a problem, but for some reason Dropbox takes forever to download or Upload. If I receive multiple files via Dropbox (lets say 30 files) it does not even let me download them all at once. It only allows me to download one by one, so its extremely time consuming, that`s why I personally preferred Google Drive and We Transfer, they are faster and time saving.

Anyone had a similar experience and has a healthy advice regarding how to transfer large files in a safe (and as fast as possible) way? I would like to improve my Gig, but not sure which would be the wisest way to avoid penalties.

I look forward to read your opinion,

Best Regards


I am sorry to hear that But!!! you have to follow terms and conditions over your personal preferences.

Any service that requires outside communication or email sharing must be consulted with CS before you share that info.

Try not to violate the terms and you’ll have the level 2 badge back in no time!

I am so sorry to hear that, Ana. Wish you get your level back.

Despite these particular rules being unjustified and in need of evaluation, you do still need to uphold the fiverr TOS. You’ll get your level 2 badge back if you do.

Unfortunately the personal opinions of users don’t mean much unless this opinion is vocally reflected amongst a large number of people.

Sorry to hear that. But yes you have to follow the TOS. It’s there for a reason. Good luck getting your badge back!

Hi there,
fiverr allows 150mb and you can conpress yoyr files and put them in one rar file. :slight_smile:

I remember onetime someone post here that google drive link are no allowed on inbox section but in delivery section you can use this option.
Check out the link about using google drive