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Level 2 Blues - Buyer Quality

Hi Fiverr’ss
Maybe I’m getting a run of bad luck. But ever since I achieved Level 2 it seems I’m getting a huge rash of, let’s just say (abrasive cray_cray buyers). This week I’ve had some of the best and some of the worst since I started. Is this a Level 2 phenomenon I’m wondering.


No, it’s not a level 2 thing. Sometimes it’s a price issue, sometimes it’s communication. Occasionally it’s just a rough week.


Hey Steve,

I know exactly what you mean. I’m completely surprised by the disparity of the buyers.
I really try not to be an ass about how many revisions they have left, and how many changes I make to their designs. If it takes 10 small changes for them to be happy, I’ll do so without a problem.
But imagine working 3-4 hours on a design, really putting your heart into, researching trends and subjects, being creative, trying not to be too similar with previous designs, and then just receiving an answer like “it’s good, but let’s try another one. thanks”


I’m left truly speechless sometimes.


Oh I’m an English gentleman, but the report button is getting a pounding

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Exactly. From all of fiverr’s recent updates (which 90% are against the seller), I’m glad they added a proper report button.

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I’m not superstitious, but sometimes there are A LOT of coincidences for me, with fiverr orders.

The most common, sometimes I spend weeks without recreating a logo with an specific font, then when it happens, I have about 2 or 3 to do, with the same font in the same day.

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Yeah ive had dual account holders contact me . One asked me a question with one user name and replied with another one with the user name having on letter different than the other. And then you got the ones who I suspect order while (doing something recreational) shall we say. I don’t suffer fools glady however

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