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Level 2 earned in 2 months

Hi dear fiverrs !

i just had my level tow badge today, after 2 months of hard work. I just want share with you something; the rule says that you should complet at least 50 orders in tow consecutive months, but from my side i completed an inferieur number of orders but i usually make custom offers for my buyers who desire a specific service for more than the basic price 5$

so if you sell a gig with 20$, it is counted as 4 orders and so on…

i wish you all the luck !

Congrats to you.

On a side note my gigs start at $10. Its harder to sell gigs costing more than $5 but not impossible. Personally I don’t mind staying at level one if I make less sales for higher amounts than $5. Because I am confident my gigs are worth more than $5.

Thank you,
it’s a good thing to valorize your gigs, if they worth more than 5$ then they do
it’s better to optimize the work quality, not to reduce the price…

Good Luck ! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I believe in full valority.

Congrats to you!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: !


thanks, wish you all the success

Good job!

Thank you so much for sharing information!
and congrats for the Level 2.

By the way, how do you know that? Did you confirm it with Fiverr Support?

Thank you !

Thank’s and good luck

It’s a personal experience, i didn’t ask fiverr support

FWIW, this matches my current experience. I’ve completed 15 gigs total, but my analytics page says I’m 70% of the way to Level 2.

Thank’s for sharing your experience ! i wish you all the luck :slight_smile: