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Level 2 feels seller like level -2

Got a guy to redesign my company logo and even though he had a lot of 4*/5* reviews and his level 2 badge I am not impressed with the quality so far! Like seriously bad work for someone with that persona. I already had a logo in use and I even did a few draft ideas and sent them. Some of these just needed tweaking a little at most. But what I get back is terrible, fonts are ugly default looking, not positioned correctly or spaced well, additional icons ideas are so bad my three year old daughter has a better sense of taste. Everything I send comes back a multitude times worse. I’m starting to think he bought his reviews or took over from someone else’s account. Something isn’t adding up. I used Fiverr before and had a good experience but this has put me off using the platform big time. If you can’t trust the level seller badge or reviews then you have yourself an untrustworthy at best or fraudulent at worst platform operating.

I will be happy to post the original draft and the product of a Fiverr level two freelancer here and elsewhere soon…as soon as the ordeal is over.


I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. If you are unhappy why not cancel the order and try again? :thinking: You may have better luck with a different seller. :wink:

Please do not do that. It is against Forum rules to call out anyone. Besides we are sellers and buyers here. We are not Customer Service. :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi Vicky, I did try to cancel due to an order issue but it was declined as the seller didn’t want their cancel order statistics to increase.

Sorry I didn’t think it was against the rules to discuss finished designs, I wouldn’t of included their name. I wanted other people’s opinions on the quality. There is potentially a bigger issue here than this seller if the review and level badge system are being manipulated. People using the platform should have confidence that feedback and recommendations are genuine. It’s also unfair on genuine sellers that have used their skills to build genuine happy customers and positive reviews.

Hi there @scharwoods, sorry for your bad experience. Unfortunate It seems to happen a lot here on Fiverr. Luckily Fiverr has also many true professionals that are good in what they’re doing. I’m quite new here on Fiverr, and it didn’t take that long before finding out that someone here was copying my work, and this for 2 long years without me knowing anything about it.

She was using my Video, images and even my written content, can you believe it? She copied all my logo designs of my 2nd Freelance platform where I’ve been a member for 2 years. She was pretending to be a level 2 seller. I had to prove 3 days long to Fiverr that it was my creation, my work! Glad it turned out well in the end. Her account does no longer exist and permanently banned for life.

Next time be careful whom you buy your Gigs from though. Apparently many sellers here are copying the work from other sellers and pretending to be as good as this person She/He copied the work from.

Also, keep in mind that many sellers here (at least this what I heard outside Fiverr) is that many so-called Top-Rated sellers letting their friends/relatives buying their logo’s (or any other gigs) and adding a 5-star review to their profile. After they receive a 5-star review the seller pays them back the money. (keep this in consideration as well :wink:). This to keep their rankings and their conversions going, without even being an expert. What I believe happened to you by reading your topic.

However, as I explained earlier, Fiverr has also many amazing talented sellers!! I love being here and I’m glad I took this step.

You just need to hear your sellers, and let them send you some samples first before making a purchase to soon, this way you won’t get disappointed! I hope this helps!!!

Take care, Humberto


Hi @scharwoods I am sorry for your bad experience .A seller can not satisfy every buyer… May be the seller could not deliver you what you expected . That is normal , not impossible… And may be the seller hadn’t tried to improve the quality .If the seller declined the order cancellation request then you should send the delivery for more revisions (if the seller provided multiple revisions).And you have the option to share your experience with seller through the review system… If you are not satisfied with the final delivery then ask the seller for more revisions or leave review according to your experience…

And if you have fixed that you will cancel the order because it does not meet the quality that the seller has described in the gig , then contact fiverr support .They will cancel the order…

@hum_on_the_go I think you do not have enough knowledge about TRS. :rofl:

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Because this is 100% how getting nominated/approved for TRS works. This statement is a bit insulting, to be honest. (I know you weren’t the one who said it, jhakz1234 , but the original comment seems to be gone now.

Regarding the situation at hand, you can present your case to Customer Support. They will review it and if it’s obvious that you were delivered something that looks nothing at all like the samples the seller advertises quality-wise, I’m sure CS will help you out.


Hi thanks for your reply and advice. It’s difficult to even go off any samples as I did check out their portfolio along with the reviews. It can also be easy to send someone else’s design as well in this situation. It’s difficult to protect yourself from this kind of dishonesty.

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Hi thanks, yes I’m going to wait and see what I end up with but so far each draft is getting worse. Their style and the style in the portfolio on their page does not match. They managed to mess up things that I didn’t even ask them to change. I’ve given up on them designing a new logo, I’m just asking them to tweak my original (something I could of done myself to be honest). At this point it’s damage limitation in an effort to come away with something useful. But I think you’re right, I’ll get in touch with customer services, it may save someone else going through this.

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Hi thanks for your reply. Yes I’ve done all this, shared very detailed feedback so that it might help guide them - but that doesn’t seem to helping so far :joy:

I’ll wait and see the end product and then get in touch with customer services.

Hi, thank you for the offer very kind. I’m going to give the seller a chance to work through a few more revisions and see where that gets me.

I wish this time you can get your imagination in visible form. please discuss with your graphic designer to bring his work to that window where you can notify his mistakes very easily. that would be helpful for both. best wishes.

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. :slight_smile:

Yes, there are some sellers who do that, and as soon as they get caught, they get banned, because to do that, you’d have to violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service several times.

Also, keep in mind that you might have offended many good sellers with genuine 5 star feedback.

Have you checked their negative feedback on that gig (you can filter by positive feedback and negative feedback in the menu), and what does it say, if there’s any? And how did the seller respond to it?



This of course, this does not apply to real, honest, and hard working Top-Rated Sellers. Thank you for pointing this out. :blush:

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Level 2 badge is just about getting enough delivered gigs, over $2000 sold and 120 days at fiverr etc. It is not a guarantee of quality, unfortunately, since different people have different standards to give ratings to other sellers. So getting bad delivery can happen.

I would say it would be best interest to all buyers to always give due critics to sellers. Getting a bad review is not the end of the world, it is just something where to learn from and develop one’s offering instead of getting insulted. That’s why all buyers should not be nice and give 5 star reviews if there is no real need for being nice after receiving gig delivery. Everyone should give honest review due to the quality of the delivery.

btw. Getting bad delivery from a level 2 seller does not mean all level 2 sellers are bad, with regards level 2 seller :smiley:

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I feel the same way, it’s exactly what I want to know, can someone pay for this status or trick the system, Fiverr really needs to figure out how to come up with an actual level process that hold true, it feels like the person I hired is my paid intern or somehow I got suckered into a class, because I’m learning more about doing the service myself than actually getting anything done. Fiverr level set seems to be a sham! Might as well keep it a sweat shop and hire the level one guys for cheap and take your chances either way it seems like that’s what your doing, you can be surprised by a cheaper service and that’s pleasant, but paying for quality and getting Garbage is another story!

Fiverr levels, like all freelance platform levels, are based on a couple of things, none of which REALLY guarantees high quality of the service. Sure, it means they got some 5 star reviews but even a logo designer with 10,000 five-star reviews for 10,000 $5 logos is never going to be hired by a serious company. Quality just doesn’t work like that.
When you are looking at seller levels, consider the fact that someone who creates five $5000 orders with 5 star reviews will stay at level zero whereas someone who edits a template 10 different ways for 10 different $5 orders will get to Level 1.

So looking at seller level is not really a good method for picking a seller, nor is it wise to expect a lower price due to a lower level. When I buy, I tend to ignore levels and look at portfolios, the seller profile and of course, I expect to pay what something is worth.


Feel sorry for your bad experience.