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Level 2?! -happy dance-

The title says it all, just posting because of my excitement! I wont lie, I’ve had a couple of troubling sales in the last week making my motivation to come online a little less, but this made my morning so hooray for a productive attitude once again!

Congrats to you :smiley:

I’m new here on fiverr, and still waiting for up to level one. lol.

Congratulations! I was very excited as well when I got to level two. I hope you continue to do well for yourself.

Congratulations …! I am waiting to get level one… but some how its not working … dont know why I am offering good services but dont know … but am happy for you… :slight_smile: hope you will do awesome further… have a nyc day all

Congrats :smiley:

Next stop: Top Seller

@geekmike I really hope so!

@ujonline It also has to do with how long you have been on, your rating and how many sales you have made, the analytics page under sales should tell you how close you are to level 1!

I am excited and hope to eventually be able to do this full time so I can relax a bit while I try to get back into school. It would be so much easier to not have to schedule work around classes with an employer that might give less hours for less availability.