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Level 2 in less than 2 months. Feeling good!


Hi Fiverr’s gang. Just wanted to share my Happy Friday feeling when i got the good news for becoming Seller Level 2. I join Fiverr end of January and wasn’t sure whats so ever if things will work out. Less than 2 months later i have over 50 orders complied and reach level 2.

So it’s cool feeling and i just needed to share with you. Thanks Fiverr for this great platform. I have try almost every other platform and we know most of them trying to copy Fiverr but trust me, non of them work.

So now is time to challenge the top seller mark. This will be interesting.

Thanks Fiverr and all of my new and returned clients for keep me going.

I’m not sure if i can share this image here but i really love the fact that one of my client take the time to send me this image and show me how my work actually really look after printing.


Congrats Bro! I will join your level shortly :slight_smile:


Grats on the level @georgippetrov! Just to avoid confusion with new folks, you do have to be on Fiverr a minimum of 60 days for level 2. Great job!


Congrats :slight_smile:

Wish you very good luck.


Congrats. You have shown how to do it.