LEVEL 2 in two months! This is awesome!


So i have been on Fiverr for exactly 2 months. Before I get too far, I’ll offer a little background. I am an Audio engineer, both live and in studio. I own a professional recording studio here in London, Ontario, Canada, and do a fair amount of travelling for my live work, both as a DJ and as an audio engineer, I also own a live production company. I must say, these 2 months have been full of action!

I’ve done edits for musicians halfway across the globe, fixing tracks that would otherwise be unusable. I’ve breathed life into songs that were hopelessly shelved away. I’ve done mastering on tracks that artists had given up on because they hadn’t come out sounding the way they had wanted. I have met some really cool people!

I had never thought seriously about expanding my business online, music was always very much a live and local thing for me. 90% of my clients came to me by word of mouth and reputation, and I have worked with some huge names in my time! But this is a whole side of the music business that i had never seen before.

Fiverr has given people access to services they would normally not have at their disposal. It also gives sellers the opportunity to give back to a community as a whole (I have done some complex work, for much cheaper than i charge my local in-house clients) but there is still an inherent reward in promotion, return clientele, positive reviews and the feeling of having done something truly positive!

I urge everyone here to check out my Fiverr Page: www.fiverr.com/studio32

There are of course some really cool gigs there, but I love hearing from people, and talking about their experiences, and offering help in any way that I can, so don’t hesitate to drop a message my way! Thank you Fiverr for all your support! Best of luck in 2015!


Reply to @writerlisaz: Great to hear that you are doing so well! I must say the positive attitude goes a long way, I feel like it’s one of the first things that both buyers and sellers notice. Cheers and Thanks for sharing!


Reply to @tomorrowla: Cheers friend, and thanks! You are welcome by anytime!


Reply to @craigscott: Thank You, very much appreciated!


Congratulations! You have a great attitude and it takes good, hard work to reach this! I’ve been here just over 3 months and I also reached Level 2 in two months. It almost seemed like a fluke how quickly my work took off on this website, and I was shocked. But I also know that excellent work, good communication, and fast delivery are what truly help us succeed here on fiverr. I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom who has dabbled in various businesses and jobs for 18 years, but none has been as successful or well-fitted for me as my proofreading and copyediting gigs on fiverr are. And I get to do it all from home while still having time and flexibility for family.

I agree, too, that working with the international community is awesome. I have been able to help non-profits get their start, crowdfunding campaigns look and sound professional in writing, and so many writers who just need an extra boost to perfect their already good work. It’s been a blast! And all in all, on average I make per hour the amount I’d like to make while still being a very reasonable cost for my clients.

Fiverr’s a win-win! I’m glad we’re both having so much success. Thanks, fiverr!




Very pleasing articles by the both of you enthusiastic producers!! I enjoyed reading your positive experiences! I believe anyone working with the likes of you both will receive the level of success that you are experiencing. I am eager to order gigs and work with both of yous, when the time is right.