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Level 2 - Is it the Gateway To Greatness?

Dear Fiverr’s

Hopefully I’ll be Level 2 soon.
I can’t say for sure if the Level 1 badge has helped or not. Position for sure. I guess the question would be is Level 1 to Level 2 a greater jump than Level 0 to Level 1?

Sure. SUre. You’ll soon have a purple aureole around your head on your way to even greater greatness. :wink:


Lol, lol lol lol lol . Because this has to be 20 characters long

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Good luck bro, I’m going to nominated for top rated though this month, Wish me a good luck :smiley: !! A reply to your question, You might have a greater chance to have more impression towards your gigs. For me it happened. Also more gig listing :wink:

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LOL :wink: