Level 2 less then two month, is it possible?


Do I really need to stay for 2 months to became level 2 or its how many gig I sold ?


It isn’t given to you by being here for 2 months.

Depends on level of sales/feedback/ratings.

A lot of people get it quicker than they expect to.


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Strange that, I got mine in less than 2 months :slight_smile:


its not like that!

I became Level 1 and Level 2 within a month. It depends on the number of gigs you complete :slight_smile:


Yeah I got mine in less then two… I think they gave it to me because i’m black though


Then it may happen anytime for me too .

@seemydeath I am black too :slight_smile:


It seems to be based on the number of gigs you complete and your ratings.

I became Level Two today! :slight_smile:



Reply to @allason: congratulations !