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Level 2 LOGO Designer Orders are Stucked!

HI I am level 2 Logo designer with 99% Positive Rating and 0% Negative Reviews ,having an impressive gigs each day used to create a new one gig to stand in the in the market ,i have also uploaded a video to my gig but i am anxious that yet no order is coming out looks like the Fiverr dried up my orders not even slow down :frowning: So any Help would be appreciated as i am providing 2 logos with unlimited free revisions till buyer is 100% Happy with free source file and Number of formats and High resolution !! Why not am still getting order as i should have to ?
I am so worried about this ,my sales are getting down day by day even someday no sales and fiverr claims that level 2 gets more traffic than level 1 and a non level seller ,so where are the sales ? :frowning:
Anyone with help come Up Please :slight_smile: Thank You in advance.