Level 2 No selling


Hi i’ve made a lot of work in fiverr but for almost 8 months i didnt had an order how is this possible.


Have you tried something new? Like maybe tweaking your descriptions, trying out some new tags or a new cover photo? Did you use the Buyers Request section?

When business is not blooming, you can find time to improve your overall account to gain more sales.


In the early stages most of the time you have to build up some “social proof”.

A buyer who doesn’t know you will look at your reviews, the last time you delivered, how may gigs you have in your queue. If you’re not selling, you may have to find some people outside of Fiverr to purchase a couple of gigs. (Find someone you know who needs what you are selling.)

Additionally, you may need to try a new gig, refine your current gig and take the time to study the top sellers in your category, to see what is working for them.

Lots of factors, but you can break through if you work hard AND work smart about it.