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Level 2 Now - Slump in Sales & Stats

Hi Fiverr’ss

Wow what an anti-climax. Happy to say I just made Level 2 after a couple of months, this is the result? Well worth the wait to have further declining sales :hugs: and fluctuating stats that have dropped even further. Nice one Fiverr


I wish I was back at level 2. Atleast you have the opportunity to create 20 gigs. I only get to have 7. Instead of complaining, maybe you should add more gigs to increase exposure thus creating more opportunities to make money.


Maybe I was going to once I hit 100 reviews and Level 2. Just another sarcastic British post. I was hoping Level 2 would increase exposure.

Cogratulations brother :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that, been an interesting journey

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Nope, as someone that knows the struggle you’ll never be at a point on Fiverr where you can consistely get good sales UNLESS you can establish a client base of repeat clients.

Whether you’re ranking on the first page or the last really doesn’t make any difference neither does your level at least nowadays. Maximizing your client retention and getting them to buy again is the key to success at least from my perspective.


yes, thats true. :v:

When you hit Level 2, you end up competing with a new crop of sellers. Some level 2 sellers have thousands of gigs sold. (I had over 4500 gigs completed while still Level 2.)

Fiverr is not going to always keep someone toward the top of the search pages. They rotate you in/out and see how you do compared to your peers. If someone else at my level is doing more, creating more repeat business, and earning more revenue for Fiverr, they are going to get more views.

Just because Fiverr gives us business (by exposing us more at points) doesn’t mean it will continue to happen UNLESS you develop a decent repeat business.

New people join all the time, some of them are giving a chance.

What have you done recently to improve your gig? What are you doing to make sure you continue to be better at delivering value to your clients? How do your gigs compare to the others in your category at Level 2?

They rotate almost everybody out at points, and unless you establish repeat clients, the work will slow down until you find a way to jump start the process.

Life on the freelancer platforms.


That is fantastic! I completely agree with you. We are creators of our own destiny and future!


Hi @steve_maxell, Best wishes for you

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I think it’s time for us to kill the illusion that these levels guarantee us sales and exposure because they don’t. Over the months, with all the fluctuation of levels I got, the only thing constant was obtained by my own efforts of self-promoting. Other than that I haven’t seen any big difference between being no level - level 1 and 2.

The only valuable thing from upgrading to level 2 is this:

Other than that, our exposure is in our hands only. :+1:

Congrats on your level 2. :slight_smile:


I agree @ssj1236 … 100% …it’s all turn by turn