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Level 2, now what?

I have been promoted as Level 2. I feel that was my goal, but now what?


Top Rated Seller?

If you want to progress through the levels, that’s your next step, should that be of interest to you.

Otherwise, I guess just make money and keep your customers happy?

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I see that you are TRS! Congratulations for that! That seems incredible to me! I guess the second one should continue be my goal!

Thanks - and congratulations on your Level 2 - we know how much work it takes to achieve it, it’s no small feat! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s nice to jump up the levels in Fiverr, but honestly, Top Rated Seller doesn’t really change anything. We’d be quite happy at Level 2, so long as we’re getting orders and new customers. I guess what I’m saying is don’t get too wrapped up in the levels - they’re fun and all, but the true benchmark of success is how strong your brand is, and how your customers perceive you. I’m sure if you keep going, you’ll have plenty of success here!

Good luck!


Thanks for your words! At the end, that should be the goal! Keeping on having fun doing this!

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Top rated seller badge.

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Keep high quality work!

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Congratulations for prompted level 2

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Thanks! I can’t believe it!

I will try! :nerd_face:

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Congrats keep up the good work at level 2, and shoot for TRS.

Question for @cubittaudio how long did it take you to jump from level 2 to TRS if you don’t mind?

I would also like to know that information!

Thank you!

It took us around 2 years. We hit Levels 1 and 2 quite quickly, but at the time, Fiverr was only a part-time income source for us, so it took us a long time to hit the $20,000 required to be considered for TRS.

Top Rated Seller is cool for the badge and everything… and if buyers are filtering for TRS, the pool of sellers is obviously much smaller, so it’s easier to stand out. But honestly, I have no idea if it actually helps us get sales or not. We didn’t notice any huge spike in sales going from Level 2 to TRS. And we still get hit by the slumps, the same way other people do.

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@cubittaudio i wonder if they look only at the requirements that we must meet in order to get there, or if they consider the time that we have also being a selling or both? or maybe if you have met those requirements the time we’ve being selling doesn’t matter as much?? :roll_eyes:

Congratulation, You will get top rat ASAP