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Level 2 problem

Hi ladies and gentlemen
i have completed more than 50 orders with 5 star reviews but i am not getting level 2 badge i contacted respected and awesome team …they told me that due to violation of TOS you are not assigned level 2 yet …but i dont know where did i violate please guide me what to do i was so excited but now so so so upset any idea why this happened please guide me

if any body have an idea advice please comment …i cant sleep after hearing this :frowning:

Did you maybe exchange personal information with your buyer? There must have been something along the way that happened. Usually Fiverr points this out with a warning.

Have you tried asking Customer Support what you did wrong?

She had mentioned it already :slight_smile:

Yes I know that she mentioned she violated TOS. But what exactly did she break? She isn’t aware what part of TOS she violated, so maybe if she asked what part she specifically violated she wouldn’t be wondering why she doesn’t have the level 2 badge yet.

Don’t worry you will get your level 2 badge soon enough, just becareful not to break the TOS again.

I think she knows it. The Most Common Mistake Sellers do these days is posting on the Buyer request to Promote Themselves so maybe she did that but she can explain It better. There are Some Common violations like multiple ID’s, Copy Pasting Descriptions, Using Copyrighted images.

thank you so much you all …they told me they couldnt share it the reasons due to privacy …i was asked so many times to share my personal info but i rejected it every time and told the buyers its against fiverr rules …and yes my account was restricted once due to multiple user account 3 months ago but i had explained it to the fiverr that i created 2nd id for my younger sister on same laptop and network …then they activated it again :slight_smile:

She stated pretty clearly here and in another message that she doesn’t know. While that may really mean she just doesn’t understand, the advice is the same. As @theratypist said here and I told the OP elsewhere, she needs to ask CS that specific question.

There is something CS is trying to tell you that you may be skipping or misunderstanding. What you wrote here aren’t the exact words CS wrote to you. I suggest you paste their message right here but an exact copy for help with interpretation.

Did your sister buy your gigs or did you buy hers? Does your sister have gigs that are similar to yours? Did you share a payment ID or share Paypal? Maybe they are delaying your level 2 due to not notifying them of the sister’s account.

She has posted the Answer below and as i Mentioned its “Multiple ID’s” :slight_smile:

It isn’t that clear, actually, but I see you are just arguing for fun or something. Go ahead, have at it.

The key thing here, in my opinion is not finding out what you did wrong but instead:

Carefully reading every word of the TOS and make sure never to brake this rules.

Wait a few weeks, be on your best behavior and then message CS again about the level 2 problem. At that point they will see that it’s been some time since your indiscretion and no other rules have been broken. As a result, most certainly they will give you the level 2 badge.

Take care!

Lol. She didn’t post that answer when you first reacted.

thank you all of you :slight_smile: the exact message was "we cant share the reasons due to privacy policy keep up the good work and hopefully you may get level 2 in future " :slight_smile:
once again thanks for responding to my problem i am so very grateful to you for this stay blessed and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Well, then, sounds like they told you to keep selling and wait although that still doesn’t look like a complete standard Support message. Good luck.

@theratypist She also says they reactivated the second account. If it was a family member account and that was true, it wouldn’t be the reason. I don’t think we are getting the whole story but I’m not going to “pull teeth” to get it. :wink:

Its not like i want to have fun. One of my Friend had the same situation and he got restricted twice because of this violation that’s why i said that because i know its the most common thing. People think that if they will have multiple ID’s they will earn more but they don’t know that they are allowed to have just one and they will get banned by using both of them. Also i asked in one of my Previous Posts that if One is allowed to use One payoneer Account for two ID’s( i was going to use my friend’s) and i asked in the post and i got the answer from you that i am not allowed to use other wise i will get restricted so it is a Common Violation. If you felt like i’m commenting because of fun then i’m sorry. Take Care