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Level 2 ranking

Can one move from new seller to level 2?

I seem to have met all the conditions but 90% order completion. Currently on 88%

  1. It is not possible to skip level 1 even if you have already fulfilled the requirements for level 2. There is only one route to level 2: through level 1.
  1. Considering your order completion is currently only at 88%, unfortunately, you are not even eligible for being promoted to level 1 right now. There are no exceptions to the rule. You need to complete/meet ALL the 8 requirements for level 1 to qualify for the promotion to level 1.

I know. But that wont be difficult. After 2 or 3 orders. It should be 90%. Thanks for the response

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A seller’s level does NOT guarantee better placement in the search results. The only thing that we know when it comes to search engine ranking is that gig performance is a major element. The more successful your gig is, the more likely it will be that you will have a chance to rise in rank over time.

There are no easy ways to gain success on Fiverr.

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Thanks for your input. The level would affect search results if a buyer specifically requests a certain level of seller, however. Wouldn’t it?

Well, yes, but searching by seller level is nothing more than a filter that lists every valid gig within a category, of that specific seller level. It has little to nothing to do with gig ranking, and everything to do with whatever gigs are available from a seller of that level – within that category.

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I see. Thanks for the info!

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