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Level 2 Reached & Stopped getting orders


Hi,I’m Praboda from Sri Lanka.I’m a Level 2 seller now.But these days i didn’t any orders(after being level 2 i didn’t get any order at all).
I thought i would be able to have more orders after getting Level 2,But i think i am wrong now.I would like some tips/help from sellers out there who would love to help.
If you are think the problem is in my gigs, please check them and let me know.
I’m always respect to your ideas and Thank You very much Helping me.
Have a good day.


Congrats for level 2 and promote your GIG.


@ahmedghumro Thank Very much for helping me out.I appreciate it.I would love to know about promoting gigs.


you should activate online 24 hours :slight_smile: Also please share your gigs on Social media platform


Thank You very much.Most of the time i am online and i use the Fiverr mobile app also. :blush:


Yes when you will sleep just open the fiverr apps on your mobile display


That is a new tip for me.Thank You.


You are welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Being online 24/7 is not going to bring you more sales. Please don’t share false advice. Yes, being online will allow you to respond more quickly to messages, but it will not guarantee more sales.


Thanks Man.I appreciate it.


I think, fiverr editors are doing gig indexing and positioning manually in the search page. if you don’t believe at me - just update your gig all 3 dp image then you’re gig will be hide from search page for the 24 hours or more…after editors do review and re-index manually. what the benefit of all algorithm test previously.


This is normal. This is nothing to fret about.


yes it will not bring more sales but you will get an order 100% sure.


No, not 100% sure. There is noting that guarantees a 100% chance of sales here on Fiverr. Even Fiver themselves have stated that no seller is guaranteed any sales just because they have a gig here on on Fiverr. Let’s not make promises that you cannot guarantee.