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Level 2 seller, 140+ 5-star reviews - 0 Orders in 2 weeks

Hey fellow sellers, thanks for checking this post out!

First of all, I’m gonna share my gig, so please don’t reply unless you’re willing to take 5 minutes and give it a look to provide real feedback.

I’ve been translating on Fiverr for over a year, I’ve had 3 activity peaks, that didn’t last long, but on those days, I was getting 4-5 orders a day. I’ve tweaked my gig a lot over the past year, so maybe that “damaged” my ranking in the search engine? I really don’t know what to think:

  • I’ve checked a lot of other gigs, and there’s nothing they offer, say or show that really makes me think “Alright, I’m not doing this, and if I did it, it’d help me a lot”, in fact, I’m shocked about a lot of gigs with 200, 300, or even 600+ reviews, which look and feel clearly inferior.
  • I deliver as fast as possible to have a low average delivery time.
  • I over-deliver to blow the buyer away, get a 5-star review and make them want to come back.
  • I’ve recently lowered my prices to be more competitive and try to improve my conversion rate.
  • I have a video on my gig.
  • I’ve used a lot of keywords both on the title and the description.

Recently I’ve been thinking about making more gigs, to see if that improves my situation and I can earn more money, but I don’t really know what else to offer since I only speak these two languages.

Here’s the link to my gig:

Please let me know if there’s anything you would change/improve.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help or tips you can give me.


I think the price drop might have something to do with it. There are also similar stories on forum about being thrown to the last page as a lvl 1/lvl2 and recover after a while. It might just pop up again, but I believe that whatever got you to lvl 2 should’ve stayed. Was that so broken? And you have a recent delivery?

Hi arcticdesigner, thanks for sharing.

But I dropped the price BECAUSE I was not getting sales, it’s just not working either lol. I’ve improved every aspect of my gig, offering ridiculous prices and turnaround time, I am showing in the “Best Selling” first page, but still no sales, and no one can tell me what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong.

My first thought is ‘peaks and troughs’ and you’ve just got to ride it out.

But there’s a real possibility that people are bypassing a professional job and going straight to Google translate.

I have two suggestions. The first would be try creating ‘niche’ gigs. Have a look at the type of documents you’ve been asked to translate in the past, and create individual gigs focussing on those.

Suggest things like: I will translate legal document from Spanish to English, I will translate Press Release from English to Spanish.

Also, try removing ‘750 words’ from your gig title. See if making the prospect click on your gig to find out what the word count is helps you.

Good luck.

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Price drop is never gonna help, Take it as opportunity to learn and offer new gig. By watching your gig I found you could be an excellent Spokespersons in both languages so why not to consider and give it a try. Good luck mate!

Hi personalletters, thanks a lot for your input!

Can you believe that creating a “I will translate a legal document”, and stuff like that is on my to do list? I just thought it wouldn’t work, but it does make sense.

About the word count in the title, that’s one of the changes I purposely implemented, to check if seeing a higher word count per $5 enticed them to click and buy, but I guess it didn’t make much of a difference.

I’ve read in many tips and fiverr guides that it’s recommended at least for a short while to boost sales and get back up, plus I’ve seen a lot of people from Venezuela, who I guess due to their terrible situation offer more words for less money, and while I perfectly understand why, I figured hey, if it works for them…

The spokesperson is not a bad idea, in fact it’s a great idea for more gigs. I’ve actually thought about it in the past, it’s just that I don’t really like my voice and don’t see people paying me to do that, maybe self-esteem is my biggest weakness? Lol

In any case, it’s definitely worth considering! Thanks a lot for sharing <3

Well no person on this earth can do perfect thing in first few tries so no worries about your weaknesses on first few steps as you’ll learn overcoming soon after starting it. FYI: Voice can be edited just watch youtube tutorials on audio edits. Keep smiling!

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