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Level 2 Seller, Almost 3k Reviews, Getting No Sales

Since Fiverr have updated algorithms, every seller is facing low sales issue. Before that algorithm change Everyone was getting good sales & was happy. I am not sure why Fiverr testing such a things which are causing troubles for old sellers, now you can new Sellers appearing Higher in search results & getting more sales, old sellers are just waiting for their luck.

Although one of my GIG appears in 3rd row in “WordPress” category,but I am still unable to get on order on that, this is the thing which surprises me most.

I need your honest suggestions about this situation.

Have a Great Day!

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I took a quick peek at your gigs and it looks like you have some gigs in your queue.

What is your primary keyword for search? I was talking to a guy today who said he was #3 for his primary keyword but when I searched I could not find his gig. I think the ranking for your gig can vary depending on where the search is done from.

I live in Florida and if you tell me your primay keyword, I will search and let you know if I see any of your gigs.

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Hi, those are modification requested orders in queue. If you Open WordPress category you can see my GIG in 3rd or 4th row.

I just searched with the search term wordpress and I did not see your gig on the first page. That doesn’t mean it isn’t on the first page for other areas, but for where I live it is not listed.