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Level 2 seller and new to fiver community

Hi fiver community.
I am level 2 seller and new to fiver community. please give me some tips how to become top rated seller.
thanks for your help


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thanks for the warm welcome

Hello! Welcome!

It looks like you’re off to a great start! You’ve got plenty of gigs with nice descriptions and good ratings. I would advise a couple things just from glancing at your profile and from reading this post:

  1. Spend a ton of time on the Forum. Reading the advice everyone has really does help. Being an active member on the forum broadens your mind.

  2. Hire someone to correct the grammar in your descriptions. You have very nice and detailed descriptions, but there are some grammar mistakes and those can very quickly turn people off.

Hope these tips help. It looks like you’re well on your way to being a very successful seller!


Well said ! Many thanks for sharing us.

thanks a lot. very helpful and will must follow these tips. thanks again for such a great reply.