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Level 2 Seller Badge Criteria?

Is it necessary to have 2 months active member to gain level 2 badge?
What if someone completes 50 order prior to 2 months deadline? Does he still have to wait for 2 months to gain level 2 badge?

You can read more about the requirements by clicking on “Levels”

So as far as my experience goes, I think Fiverr’s criteria in promoting a Level 1 seller to Level 2 depends upon you finishing at least 50 orders within a 2 month period (your two months period countdown starts immediately from the moment you hit Level 1) . I finished my 50th order one week before my two month period was up, and I was promoted to Level 2 automatically. If you finish your 50 orders well within the time, Fiverr will still promote you to Level 2. I don’t think they wait to promote you only when your stipulated time period is up!
However, if you fail to hit 50 orders by the time those two months are up, I don’t think they’ll promote you. But please check the Levels for more information. :slight_smile: