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Level 2 seller badge

Hello, Just want to know that i have completed all the requirement of Level 2 seller but fiverr haven’t

rewarded level 2 seller badge yet…Please guide…Thanks


Happy cake day!

People are promoted and demoted on evaluation days, which fall on ~15th of each month. If you maintain your stats, you’ll be promoted on the 15th of April.


@ahmwritingco already kindly gave you an answer but just an FYI, in the right top corner of your screenshot there is a line saying “your next evaluation” and then “date” of that evaluation.
It is hard to miss. It’s exactly on top of the stats that you attached on the screenshot, not sure how you managed to miss it :woman_shrugging:

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Don’t worry. Fiver arrange monthly evolution on 15th of every month. I hope you will get Level 2 on 15 april 2020. Advance welcome. Rock on fiverr.

ohh thanks maria …