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Level 2 seller but gig disappeared from search resultsince 3months

Hi everyone.
I hope everyone is safe and well. My gig was perfomring very well and used to have 4 to 5orders constantly few months back. I promoted to Level 2 seller as well, however, since then all of my gigs disappeared from search results and I have not been able to get orders.
Can anyone help me here?


Have similiar problem for 2 months whats your stats?

My response rate, order completion rate, ontime delivery is 100% as well as I have 5star rating.
The situation has become frustrating now.
I have even updated my description, SEO title, pricing in the gig and shared my gig in social media (which is supposed to bring traffic) and nothing seems to help.

I have faced this as well. Seems like the only we can do is to wait when fiverr algorithms will find another victims.

If you made editions to your gig, most likely it needs to be reviewed by the support. Try this Fiverr gig not showing up on search - #3 by bad_robot

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