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Level 2 seller but not a single sale yet

I was only very recently promoted to level 2 on Fiverr, and I’m yet to get even a single sale. I tweaked my prices a little to accommodate more bulky orders and to ease up my money making process :wink:
Unfortunately, something seems to be driving potential clients away. (Clicks and visits keep increasing, orders keep dropping ). Any ideas?

Best regards
Zubyarchangel :slight_smile:

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it’s all about time :smile:


I was getting loads of orders while a level one seller, expected that to double…

Some Buyers thinks, Level1 is Up than Level 2 :wink:

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:open_mouth: I should have just remained at level 1 sef…

In my experience going up to Level 2, my quantity of sales decreased, but the quality of sales increased dramatically.

When I was a new seller, or level 1 seller, I was getting a lot of people who wanted the world for $5. Now that I’m a level 2 seller, most of my clients are expecting the best, but willing to pay for it. My average selling price as level 1 seller was ~$10. My average selling price across all orders as level 2 seller is now ~$37.

Here’s what I think is happening, based on my own personal shopping on fiverr experience:

People who are willing to pay more for quality service, like myself, search for their service, but filter to level 2 or TRS. If I’m going to spend more money, I want assurances my final result is going to be quality and at least in America, more cost is generally equivocal to higher quality.

So I may get fewer messages, fewer orders, but the messages and orders I get are clients who want quality and are willing to pay for it. I’d much rather have them than someone who asks if I can optimize their website speed for $5 and it’s never ever fast enough for them.

Hope this trend happens for you as well!


I think I understand your point Abauer, thanks for the insight.

Yeah, I noted that too.

@mdbillalkhan470 Spamming the forum will get you into trouble with the moderators. If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.

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Hello :slight_smile: your description has a couple of errors. Here’s an edit I made based on your original idea :

Hi, I am a Professional Graphic Designer, I have over 5 years experience in Image editing, Background Removal, Clipping Path, Image Manipulation to mention but a few. I have worked on thousands of images outside of Fiverr, unfortunately, there are no reviews to show for that :blush:
Satisfying my clients is my topmost priority and as such, I never compromise with the quality of my work. Please contact me before buying a gig.

Best regards

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You may have to change this too : “Just click me and see my magic”

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thanks sir for you nice suggestion.

now i changed my profile overview and just click me and see my magic, according to you.

lol, that works too. Also try to respond to messages as fast as you can, your response time could be better

Haha I didn’t know that.

I agree with you recently I was demoted to level but iam kind of enjoying level 1 now bcos ppl don’t ask they just place an order and I’m so happy

You’re spamming the forum again :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: