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Level 2 seller getting messed up by fiverr real bad

Hello Community,

How are you all doing? I hope everyone is banking $$$$$ and is safe from covid19 situation.

Little bit about myself
I am Najaf, I am a level 2 seller and I have been selling on fiverr since 2010. I have a good reputation on fiverr and have delivered more than $11k orders in October-November combined. I do have some orders in queue.

Something Strange happening

I was getting around 3-4K impressions per day on my gig, I made no changes, did nothing but it went down straight to 100s of impressions in a day, I raised tickets and Fiverr CS agreed that my gig was not on search results. Untill today, Today I received a notification from Fiverr saying Modify your gig I am really very very depressed since then. I don’t know what issue is there with me or my account.
If anyone of you who is reading this has been in similar situation please help me

One more thing I would love to know What is Customer Success Program?? How do I get to access it? I have googled and googled it for hours and my lifetime, I never came across anything similar.

I hope this forum (if solved) will help freelancers in future as well. :slight_smile:


Hi Najaf,

This happened to me recently too. It sounds as though you need to make changes to your gig in order for it to be added back to the listings, (this is called “indexing” the gig) which will make it searchable.

Now and then, Fiverr itself makes changes to categories. It has been doing a lot of this lately!

After such changes have been made, sellers in those categories are asked to revise their gigs to meet the new category specifications. It simply means you have to check each gig and ensure each section of the gig has been completed (since if Fiverr added new sub-segments, etc, you’ll have questions to answer once you check section of every each gig individually. It only takes a minute to do this on each gig.)

If you do not modify your gigs, they will either not be indexed (therefore won’t appear in a search) or they will rank lower and lower till you make those mandatory changes.

Further, once you have modified your gigs, you must then drop customer support a message to ask them to “index the gigs again” since CS is so busy right now, that unless you ask, the modified gigs will possibly not be checked and they will stay out of the indexing and search. You need to be very clear to Customer Support and say “I have modified gigs in accordance with Fiverr’s recent update request” and that you now need Customer Support’s help to make them visible again.

So DO modify your gigs and ensure every question is answered/appropriate answers selected.

DO contact Customer Support afterwards and ask them to “re-index” the gigs to make them searchable, since the new modifications will need to be checked and approved before the gigs are made visible again.




Thankyou @anniejenkinson for your quick and insightful response, I really appreciate it.

The modification asked by fiverr is regarding my description and it had nothing misleading or anything violating the TnCs. Can you please tell me what the issue can be?
Its almost 8AM here and I cannot sleep due to this, I was 16 when I started this account, can you imagine the amount of work it holds for me?

Also, Can you tell me more about the Customer Success Program?


Hi Najaf,

It is likely the required modification is not sinister at all, and nothing to worry about! :slight_smile:
For example, when I was asked to modify my gigs, it was only because the category in which my gigs are listed (writing and translation) had had a few category changes made by Fiverr.

Fiverr had split the category of copy editing into a few new subcategories… aagh! I had been avoiding making any changes prior to that because I knew customer support was low-staffed right now, and I knew that my gigs would need manual review and approval after any changes… So, I wanted to leave my gigs untouched.

However, as Fiverr itself changed the categories, every seller in the editing category then had to make revisions. So, the messages I received forced me to update my gigs and then they disappeared from search until I finally contacted Customer Support, asking for a manual review of the two revised gigs (and re-indexing). Every time we make changes, the gigs go unsearchable until customer support reviews them and puts them back.

So, in my case, I was asked to modify my gigs only because they asked all sellers to check and choose which of the new categories to place the gigs into. (There were a couple of new questions once I opened up each gig. I had to make new category selections). The message asking me to revise my gigs also said that until I had done this, my gigs would lose ranking, so I couldn’t win either way…!

It was just something every seller needed to do for Fiverr to know where to place each gig now that Fiverr had subdivided the categories.

Therefore, it may be that your own ‘mofification needed’ message was for the same reason and that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with your gigs’ content at all

So, Najaf, take a look at every single section of your gigs (in the ‘edit gig’ mode) and ensure each section is fully answered, then save it and it should be ready for Customer Support’s approval once again.

Take your time and do it slowly and calmly because you don’t want to make changes to a gig more than once…do the changes once and then ask Fiverr to please “re-index” them…:slight_smile: so that they become searchable again.

Regarding the Customer Success Program, yes, I have a customer success manager and you have to be invited to join the program by Fiverr, personally. It is not something you can apply for or ask to be considered for. If you are selected for the program, a success manager will write to you and arrange to have a 1-1 video chat with you to discuss your gigs, sales, etc, and he/she will help you increase your success here.

I totally understand how worried you are because I was exactly the same when my gigs disappeared offline! It should not be a difficult problem to fix, just make the modifications requested and then ask customer support to get them re-indexed for you.

Warmest regards,



Thanks alot Annie… :slight_smile:


@anniejenkinson OMG you’re a live saver!!!

Thankyou so so sooo much. :slight_smile:

I will keep the category thing in mind :slight_smile:


You are welcome. I know how scary and worrying this issue is, but I am sure you will be fine! Good luck, Najaf…


Hi @anniejenkinson, hope you’re good. I have my gig restored :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh!!! I am SO happy for you, Najaf!

Best news of the day–wow. So relieved for you.


Hey, even I am facing the same issue being a level 2 seller, where my gig averaging from 1.5-2k impressions daily is now below 100 for past 5 days. But I haven’t received any notification to update my gig or “modification needed”. What shall I do in such case?


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The exact same thing happened to me in the past 5 days, I am a level 2 that averages well over 1k impressions and for the past few days it shot down to 100 impressions. I also did not get any notification to update my gig, I did contact support so if I hear anything from them I will share that advice! If anyone has any advice I’d also love to know

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Did you get any advice or was your issue resolved?

Gig rotation.

It’s automatic and random, so you can’t do anything. I am dealing with the same issue. Deliver orders and be on time, receive great reviews and they will push you back. I for one… I am removed from search, been so since the beginning of the month.

Sorry I was caught up with lots of work, My gig is back on my account however, the rankings are still at bottom.
I can’t see impressions.

Also, my Promoted gig is getting 0 impressions, clicks and thus, orders.