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Level 2 seller Gig is on Last page Now 1 month

Hi, My name is Muatter and I am level 2 seller on Fiverr and completed 700+ Order and 4.9 Review.

1 month ago my all gigs are on the First page but now all my gig are now on the last page from 1 month. The issue is I am performing very well. I got great feedback from the buyer and was also getting the tip. I don’t know what the issue is not just one gig but all the 9 gigs are now on the last page.

Can anyone experienced suggest me what to do now and now my impression and clicks are 8 and not getting new messages and a new order.

Tell me what do I am really worried about it.


Hi @muatter, I can understand the situation you are going through. I am also facing the same problem, my gig was on first page and now it is on last page for more than a month. Views, clicks and impressions are going down day by day. I am unable to find out the reason why it is happening.