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Level 2 Seller Help


Hey guys!

As a level two seller most people think your profile and gigs are perfect because you reached that level and that nothing needs to be changed. Well everyone always needs advice! I was wondering if everyone can check out my profile and gigs and give me advice. Looking to change things up and who else can help me more besides other sellers and buyers! Thanks in advance!



Not really, you always need to be on the move, no matter which level you have.
Your Gigs look OK, you had at least an order on many of them. Unluckily you’ve got not good reviews lately, but that’s not big deal: you still have 2 orders in queue.
Are your clicks, views and impressions decreasing? Are you experiencing a low period of sales? Sometimes it can be seasonal: for years I had lower sales between May-August. Your tags look fine to me also :+1:


Closed upon OP’s request.