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Level 2 seller in just one month and 8 days. Amazing

Very pleased to now be a Level 2 seller here on hopefully this will help me

increase sales on here too and build trust with my customers.

Awesome ! You’re owning it :smiley:

Awesome! I’m almost there! I just need to put up other gigs I guess

Congratulations. Keep doing what you are doing and you will be the next level before you know it.

That is great and congratulations!!!

How? I saw you got level 1 after a week as well

The requirements say a month minimum for level 1 and two months for level 2, how did you get upgraded earlier?

How did you levelled up fast? :frowning:

got a 50 mark sales in just 3 weeks since I joined, still didnt level up :frowning:

You made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record. im guessing it means within the past two months.

I already did, but whats amazing you leveled up really early?

to be level 1 you need to be active in the site for 30 days but you leveled up is just 2 weeks?

you leveled up to lvl 2 in just one month and 8 days instead of 60 days.


Awesome! That is deffo amazing. We’re trying to get there too!

Congratulations. Great job and appreciate. You did excellent.

I’m at level two today!!! yay!!

Awsome congrats. now you just have to stick to it and you never know you could become a top rated seller.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

Thank you! I’m aiming for a top rated seller

Congrats Chaduk! :slight_smile:

Hi that is great, congratz I just want to tell you care with your orders don’t cancel too much cause you can lose all like I 2 days ago :frowning:

2 days ago? but you just joined fiver a day ago. lol


I will only mutualy cancel if I feel I cant deliver there request ontime or they have ordered in mistake and should of asked me befor puchasing my gig

Awesome. Good luck. Although i just joined yesterday i know I will be there some day soon.