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Level 2 Seller Leaving Fiverr

I am so sick of this s***! At least every 2 weeks, some ahole comes by and orders something without ever having contacted me.

Most of the time, its people expecting me to fulfill these big ass orders for $5. I do voiceovers. I’m flexible on word count, which people see and jump all over WITHOUT HAVING EVER ASKED ME S

I state on EVERY SINGLE GIG and my bio to contact me BEFORE ordering anything. 90% of the time, these result in a cancel. And Im sick of it. The attached screenshot is the latest one. If it gets taken down, Fiverr is just proving my point, that I don’t need to be here any longer. Good luck everyone. I’m taking my talents and business elsewhere. Hopefully South Beach. (sarcasm)


PS. He replied after this but his response isn’t worthy of including and the pic would be too long.

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i feel your pain.

I can’t count on my both hands how many times people did this to me.

You tell them that it’s neccessary to contact you. Or you tell them that they need to order extra, as your gig says. And they kind of… I don’t know. Do they even read the messages and descriptions?

If I want to order something, I read everything twice to be sure it matches my needs. And if I’m told to contact before ordering I do so. Simple as that…

I also wish those people didn’t treat sellers like machines. :c Press for order, cancel if result is not as good as I imagined. That’s probably how it goes in their heads.

Luckily, 90% buyers I had were much nicer, patient and understanding :slight_smile: But those specific ones can really ruin one’s day…

Reply to @kjblynx: You offer quite simple and straightfoward things, so good for you. But some buyers will ask for things you don’t offer - or they will demand more for less etc. That’s one of many reasons why they should follow such simple instructions as contacting the seller… :confused: