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Level 2 Seller Leaving Fiverr

I am so sick of this s***! At least every 2 weeks, some ahole comes by and orders something without ever having contacted me.

Most of the time, its people expecting me to fulfill these big ass orders for $5. I do voiceovers. I’m flexible on word count, which people see and jump all over WITHOUT HAVING EVER ASKED ME S

I state on EVERY SINGLE GIG and my bio to contact me BEFORE ordering anything. 90% of the time, these result in a cancel. And Im sick of it. The attached screenshot is the latest one. If it gets taken down, Fiverr is just proving my point, that I don’t need to be here any longer. Good luck everyone. I’m taking my talents and business elsewhere. Hopefully South Beach. (sarcasm)


PS. He replied after this but his response isn’t worthy of including and the pic would be too long.

…I think you may have overreacted to this guy…and I get that this happens often–it happens to everyone. Some people don’t read our gig descriptions and it is annoying and frustrating, yes, when they demand more work than a “reasonable” person would request. But to be fair to this guy…there’s no where in your gig descriptions that states a word count/time limit for each gig. I’m not trying to defend him, I’m just saying that you can’t expect your buyers to be mind readers.

Most buyers are here to get the highest quality product for the lowest amount of money, and if they think they can squeeze a little more out of us, they’ll do it. The solution is to be as polite and clear as possible. In my experience, most people have a really hard time being a jerk if I’m relentlessly polite and then gently point them back to my gig policies, which (hopefully) clearly state what their money will get them. Unless the buyer is really a scammer, they usually admit they made a mistake and will pay the correct amount or happily cancel the order.

You overreacted, but I understand what you mean.

You should change the ordering info to “CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING SO I CAN BE SURE THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU!” or something :).

Oh, Man. You’re killing me. Stay in Cleveland!! :wink:

but why would they need to contact you before they order?

I can understand if its a custom gig they want but to be something obligatory means your details are not as good for a buyer to understand.

Unless its something complicated like do a paper on astronomy or negative energy.

I totally understand because i have been there. It has happened to me with people who read my gig " i will bake a cake" but they order anyways and go " ok i want you to make sushi".

i have considered leaving fiverr myself because of this. But instead i made my descriptions more clean and kindergarden friendly.

Best of luck.

I think that you were a bit rude to your buyer. You should have stated more professionally that the client had missed the fact you prefer people to contact you before ordering to discuss what is required first.

order 965 complete 165 cancel same problem here bro cant do order cancel it can do it complete order


I understand where you’re coming from in regards to having people contact you before ordering. In saying that, however, I do NOT agree with how you handled the situation.

Instead of explaining gently to this buyer that you had preferred they contacted you before ordering, you went beyond overreacted. You blasted the buyer, when you could have taken the high road. You have to understand that not everyone will read your descriptions, and if your descriptions are vague in any way, then some of the fault lies on you. I apologize if that offends, but that’s my honest opinion of what you said to this buyer (I would love to have seen what he said afterwards, to be honest).

The best thing you can do is redo your descriptions so that even kids understand it. It’s the one thing newspapers do - use laymen words so the average laymen understands what the article’s about.

And, don’t forget that how you reacted to a buyer can have a negative impact on your business - both on Fiverr and in the outside Fiverr world. The Internet is quite vast, and your post here and if the buyer so chooses to create a blog and post the private message on the Internet, other potential buyers will see it.

Here’s a phrase to keep in mind the next time you feel the urge to blast a buyer:

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. - Scott Adams

If you can’t do something, then I suggest you mutually cancel the order. I wouldn’t blast the buyer if you plan on keeping your business alive.

Good luck!

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