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Level 2 seller. May month was great. June month Sales has dropped drastically

April and May month I used to get tons of sales.
But now in June month I saw drop in impressions clicks sales.
I used to deliver the files before time.

So I have edited the description. Spent some time in keyword research and search tags.
But I don’t think it has helped my gig.

Is there anyone who can guide me in right direction ?
Any tip would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

It seem happen to all sellers on Design category this month.
May was my high selling month on fiverr!
Unfortunately, I only have 4 orders so far this month which already lead me having anxiety. (joking).

Now I update my gig cover and not sure is it coincidence, my gig appear on the 1st page 2nd row.
See how it perform and I’ll report back.