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Level 2 Seller, no continues sales from last 30 days

Hi everyone, I’m level 2 seller (, but having troubles in my sales, i haven’t got proper orders from last 30 days, in this duration only 2 or 3 orders, please tell me what to do, and what strategies should i apply to get more sales, thanks

I’ve had a quick look at your available gigs, and your prices seem to generally be very cheap (which is fine, of course). Also, your rating is excellent. This makes me think that perhaps this is an issue with fiverr’s algorithm. Have you checked your analytics? Maybe you need to tweak your keywords or something… Good luck!

It looks like you’ve done some great work and have excellent reviews. Sadly though, the first review on your profile page is a mixed review and she states that you were late, she felt pressured into buying, etc. This could be the main source of your problem! Sellers may come to your page, see that and run. Even with all those other good reviews!

Have you been promoting your gigs on social media and in other ways off fiverr? That might help you get some business. If you can find business in other ways, and get some more excellent ratings (by doing good work and on time), you should turn the tide from that one questionable review.

Good luck!

Thanks, i’ll try my best to follow your points.