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Level 2 Seller; Not Getting Order!

I am Level 2 Seller with 100% outstanding Rating but its been more then 4 months i don’t get any single order even my gigs are not getting impression or clicks, i am feeling very frustrated, is there anything that i need to get done?

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Do you keep sending offers in response to buyer requests?

yes i do send if they are related to my category.

Hi, are you getting enough impressions? It would be good to understand whether you have a problem with visibility (in which case I would recommend to advertise your gig more), or with conversion (in which case you would probably have to tweak your gig a little bit to make it more attractive)

Wish you best of luck in any case!

all of my gigs were appearing in 2nd to 5th page but suddenly they are gone forever and never came back. I don’t get any impression either i am only more then 18 hours a day and keep sending buyer request.

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

same situation with me.
any one have proper guidelines?