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Level 2 seller , orders stopped at a sudden Guys please help!

hello sir/ma’am ,

i am a level two seller over fiverr from past 6 months .

i was getting orders few days back . i created a new gig and send the link to all my clients .

i didn’t knew that it’s not good to do .

but at a sudden from past two days i have no new order .

you all are experienced so i want you all to suggest me what to do .

thanks in advance,


Don’t spam the inboxes. If the customers loved working with you, they will work with you next time they need something. It is easier to work with you than to start over with someone new.

The orders will fluctuate. Welcome to Level 2. Watch the ratings. Rating are everything.

hello charles ,

i know its a good idea but once i did that i got message from fiverr that you should not promote your gigs through message . at first i was speechess but then i just clicked on "oops i will not do it again ".

i guess someone might have reported my message as spam .

but now i dont have any orders .

Reply to @landongrace: hello ,

thanks for your advice but now what to do ?

can you please help .




I’ve noticed a sudden drop in sales and I really have no idea what’s causing it. I know I haven’t been on Fiverr long enough but it’s weird to me that one month I’m getting a considerably large amount of sales and the next I’m struggling to get one.

Maybe this issue is similar to yours.



Reply to @itsysko: exactly u took my words :frowning:

i was wondering what has happen to fiverr and its team they seriously need to make changes .



Early on I remember the orders fluctuating almost like I was cycling through the search engines. Which may have been the case.

Having gigs develop with repeat customers has made the search problems go away for me. Make sure you are offering things that customers need over and over again.

I’m fairly new on Fiverr, but made level 2 a couple weeks ago. I was getting tons of orders as a new seller and level 1, but once I reached level 2 my sales dried up, with the exception of repeat customers. I get the impression that there are so many level 2 sellers that Fiverr doesn’t quite know how to handle it. They want their new sellers to get exposure, so that accounts for all my sales on those levels. But they don’t know what to do with level 2. I see the same cast of characters every time I do a search. In the meantime, my impressions are very very low. I do know that they are constantly tweaking the algorithm, but for now it’s kinda sucky. We’ll see what happens.