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Level 2 seller - question


I have quick question. I’ve done 60+ orders within last 2 months, with almost 5.0 star rating, and 49 reviews. It’s been like a week from now, when I completed my 50 order.
Anyway, I still don’t got Level 2 Seller. I just want to know, if that’s normal or should I report it to Customer Service? Thanks in advance for replies :slight_smile:


I got my level 2 seller after 100+ orders completed , everything on 100% and I had almost every order with 5 stars rating. I think you should wait a little more.


I wouldn’t reach out yet. Sometimes there is short delay. I am sure you will get your badge in no time. Make sure you have a low cancellation rate since this can affect your promotion as well. Good luck :wink:


I think I got my level 2 badge after a while, not immediately after completion of the orders. Maybe after 2 weeks (you know, it seems that’s a kind of standard time limit to consider an order completely complete)


Okay, thank you all for reply :slight_smile: So I will be patient.


I think it is best if you contact customer support and verify. :+1:t2:

Good luck on future orders